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Sharing can mean different things to different people.

  • to give
  • to have in common
  • to distribute


  • Creating opportunities for mutual care
  • A Distributed allocation of resources
  • Being Response-able to communal needs

The Basic Arguments for Sharing

  • Sharing creates meaningful exchange of lives and care
  • Sharing is energy-efficient and extremely resourceful
  • It has the awkward trend to make life more meaningful

Methods of Sharing

  • Sharing-skills. How to learn/share how to teach/share?
  • Learn to Co-operate, create mutual circles for sharing
  • Open Space Technology - Open and Free Exchange

Resources and Skills

  • Optimising the use of resources through mutual interdependence.
  • A new energy-sharist paradigm bases on how to share our energy
  • To share is a response ability towards a more Holistic Self.

Cultures of Sharing


Sharing creates possibilities, reduces barriers (- helping people to unfold their full potential), overcomes scarcity, leading to a world of abundance. (synergy)

The idea of competition (found in capitalism) has opposing tendencies attached to it: To have an advantage over your competition it makes sense to hinder each other, draining energy from the system at large.

There's not always somebody to share with and you may even pessimistically think that statistically it is improbable that anybody would ever take advantage of your offers to share. But already the openness to share something, being ready to share, living in the consciousness creates the possibility to change the world here.

Just imagine a world where you can go any place you like and join in on anything that happens there, share local structures - just imagine the abundance of possibilities! By opening your life to others, by creating interfaces for others to join in on what you are doing you can maximize possibilities for your own life, live a more social life and you can make a start in creating that world of abundance.

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