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Formerly Unanswered Questions (Read: some of the topic of the gathering)

Who is a nomad?

A nomad is someone who believes that traveling (physically or mentally) is a way to learn (about others and about themselves) and to experience life. Some of the nomads travel for work, others for study, others to learn from random encounters on the road.

Some have been nomadic in the past, others are nomadic by spirit. Nomads use to change locations often, and are mostly laptop equipped. Some are long-term travelers. others seasonal workes or volunteers. Also, the networks of journeymen/women in Germany and France have a very long tradition in this field, see

Who is organizing this event?

This event is a follow up of a similar gathering happening in Berlin from the 20th to the 30th of November, or maybe even longer. See The event in Berlin has been collectively organized by a loose network of nomads, skillsurfers, hackers, open space fanatics and hospitality exchange addicts.

In NY, the event is organized by Valentina, one of the hospitality exchange addict mentioned above.

What is the final goal of the Berlin conference?

The final dream is to set up spaces/bases/places that are open for nomads. On a smaller scale, we want to promote nomadism and make it easier for nomads to go beyond conventional housing, jobs and schooling, and create new real social networks.

In essence, we would like to create a shared way of living/ cooperating that goes beyond borders, and which brings people together.

What is a nomad base?

This is topic of open discussion. The 'bases' we aspire to should encourage more cooperation, sharing and solidarity between the participants and should be a vehicle for experimenting with social/political activism, exchange of nomadic skills and crafts, as well as nomadic cooperatives and other business models, practical skillsharing, etc.

What is hospitality exchange?

The initiative for nomadbases is one that is closely related to hospitality exchange. In the past 5 years we have seen a great leap forward in this field, examples include networks such as and See for an overview here:

Hospitality Exchange Networks sounds great! What is the difference with what you want to do? Yes, they are great! Whereas hospitality exchange has a focus on (free) short-term accomodation, we would like to go beyond this model and step into the world of rather long-term hospitality. What we would like to see is a network of bases that are shared with (neo)nomads.

In essence what we would like to accomplish is a sustainable network of communities, houses, farms, squats, collaborative work-spaces, etc. that are open for shared living with people that travel as a way of life. These places would be in essence autonomous nodes within a larger network that function as convergence places to teach/learn/share and to meet like-minded people who you can connect with and work on projects together.

So there are many nomad bases around?

Yes! More than what we think! But they do not necessarily define themselves as such. You have a nomad base everytime one person decides to give free access to nomads for long term periods. Sometimes nomads organize themselves into collectives and intentional living houses for a longer period, before moving on.

Let’s speak about SHE in NYC: Do I have to pay something?

No! The gathering is for free. This is the basic rule of hospitality. You are the host here! Behave consequently.

There is going to be food?

Yes! One of the workshops is dumpster diving food in the neighborhood (on Friday night, the 4th, and then on Saturday night again) and to cook it together. Contribution to buy additional good will be welcome.

What if I need a place to sleep?

You are welcome! We will try to accommodate all the ones who need a place to sleep because coming from far. Bring your sleeping bag and camping mattress and we will find you a spot somewhere.

how long does the gathering last?

The gathering will start on Friday night at 8pm in Brroklyn: hosts from the area will meet up to gather food together. This will be the perfect occason to learn more about dumpster diving! Then Saturday morning at 11.00 will we start gathering together. The event will probably conclude on Sunday evening at 18.00. People who need a place where to sleep, will be hosted from Friday until Sunday if needed.

What are the conferences about?

There are no conferences intended as such. People will gather in groups talking of their needs, dreams and experiences. Everything is open! Be a host: this is your event! Find out what do you want to speak about and post the topic on the google group. Find the questions!!!

What form/structure the meetings will take?

The meetings will use an Open Space approach:

At the beginning of an Open Space the participants sit in a circle, or in concentric circles for large groups (300 to 2000 people).

The facilitator will greet the people and briefly re-state the theme of their gathering, without giving a lengthy speech. Then someone will invite all participants to identify any issue or opportunity related to the theme. Participants willing to raise a topic will come to the centre of the circle, write it on a sheet of paper and announce it to the group before choosing a time and a place for discussion and posting it on a wall. That wall becomes the agenda for the meeting.

No participant must suggest issues, but anyone may do so. However, if someone posts a topic, the system expects that the person has a real passion for the issue and can start the discussion on it. That person also must make sure that a report of the discussion is done and posted on another wall so that any participant can access the content of the discussion at all times. No limit exists on the number of issues that the meeting can post.

When all issues have been posted, participants sign up and attend those individual sessions. Sessions typically last for 1.5 hours; the whole gathering usually lasts from a half day up to about two days. The opening and agenda creation lasts about an hour, even with a very large group. (more here:

How can I participate?

If you are reading this, you are on the right track! This is an event that we build up together and to do so, a good start is to get to know each other beforehand. Send an email to the group: [email protected]

In your profile on google group (, list your blog, your interests, your profile in hospitality exchange (if you have one).

Introduce yourself and state your expectations. Someone will go back to you with an offer of hospitality.

Why do you organize this?

Valentina is organizing SHE in NY because she believes that neo-nomadism is a way to experience freedom and learning about yourself and the others. Living in a nomad base changed her life: it empowered her to dream and it gave her a sense of family and community when I she had any. Therefore, she wants to share this experience with others. Plus, whe she does not spend her time in front of a laptop, she is a quite sociable person and wants to have a blast with amazing people like you. :P