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looking forward to brainstorm collectively on how we may describe certain characteristics of a nomad base.

I imagine such description, ( a nomad base manifesto ? ) can then be publicized in various cities through hospitality networks and forums, inspiring and inviting other "houses" to join a nomadbase network. ( or inspire other individuals that are already using their houses as nomad bases to connect with each other ).

I feel such brainstorming would not set any specific rules or definitions of what a nomad base should be, but describe certain potential properties/tendencies/intentions of nomadic bases, the kind of dynamics likely to develop in such bases, ...

I'm copying this to the discussion page and rewrite it in the article. guaka 21:26, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

What a nomad base is not

Should there be any restriction? This section is just questioning.

A nomad base is like a hackerspace, but you can sleepthere too...

Can a rural community of hippies that don't have internet be a nomadbase?

Can a nomadbase organise lucrative event (dinner, sell alcohol)

No financial condition to participate. Donations are acceptable. (what's about minimum donations?)
For non-necessary controversial items like alcohol, it is ok to demand financial contribution.

Can local homeless people live in a nomad base.

This kind of up to each base. It goes a bit against the "nomad" tag, but hey...