Talk:SHE New York City


Working Plan

What are the things that need to be done?

By the end of the week:

  • Valentina: Send an invite to Couchsurfing/Bewelcome networks in the area (look at specific groups such as alternative lifestyles, long term traveling, hitchhiking etc).
  • Connect with nomads from Rainbow,and Burning Man. Get in touch with Canadian communities (Montreal)
  • invite to open discussions on the Google group
  • experiment with inspiring participation

At Ganas:

  • check for internet connection
  • once established the participation, and if needed look for hosts in NYC
  • check availability of dumpster sources in Staten Island
  • Add more

Next week: Valentina: attend SHE goes MAD in Berlin via skype Gather participation and topic of discussion to be integrated in this wiki

Robin: before the meeting

  • Get contacts with people with Open Space experience who can help us host this event.