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See also Bank account sharing

If you prefer transfering it into a bank account, add the following reasons-codes to the transaction:

  • sharewiki, sw
  • couchwiki, cw
  • hitchwiki, hw
  • trashwiki, tw
  • {pagename}, sharewiki
  • {pagename} wiki

You could also include other keywords for directing-splitting your donation with other fellow projects that are also fundraising through those accounts.

We encourage you to tell us, 2 days before transfering it, the day and the ammount that you will be transfering and to which of the bank accounts from this list,

Template:Sw bank accounts

Investments policy

We are donating a 10% of the donation to the organization that let us having the bank account.

We aim to direct all donations in the most participative and local way posible. i.e. putting 100$ in an spanish bank account with the code "couchwiki - sharewiki" should be preferently invested in someone-something located the nearer from the donation's receiver branch doing urgent things for sharewiki and couchwiki, hopefully advancing federations from each other's contents into the other (and the taxed 10% in adding local content the most related to the org at the * Same as if it with the code "lorea - sharewiki".

We may charge a 10% of the donation for couchwiki, trashwiki, hitchwiki for sharewiki.