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Use this template to link text to Appropedia's Renewable Energy Dictionary. It works in a similar way to a piped wikilink - with the only challenge being that you must CAPITALIZE the word.


{{DIC|ENERGY}} can come from a {{DIC|WINDMILL}}.



Changing the display text

Because you must have your defined word in all capitals it is helpful to pipe it to non capitals. So if you want to display "energy" rather than ENERGY use the optional second parameter: {{DIC|ENERGY|energy}} will display as energyDIC.

Currently this does not work --- Needs a little help here -- http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Parser_function#UC Makes a text uppercase and removes newlines and spaces from the start and end. -- Please help.

{{uc: AbCdEf }} gives "ABCDEF".
{{uc:ä β ß}} gives Ä Β SS, expected: Ä Β SS. Don't expect too much. This does work To format the word, e.g. have it show up in bold, you can do {{DIC|ENERGY|'''{{DIC|ENERGY'''}}, which will give ENERGYDIC.


  • Unlike normal wiki linking, you cannot add letters at the end of the word, e.g. to make it plural. E.g. normally [[Blog]]s creates ROTORs, but {{DIC|ROTOR}}s creates ROTORDICs i.e. a mess. Use the optional second parameter if you want the word to display differently than in the link.