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<div style='width:50%; background:#efe; padding:20px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto'>
<div style='text-align:center; background:#f7d800; padding: 20px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto'>
<big> Nomad Conference Berlin </big><br/>
Content useful for travelling and accommodation [[Sharewiki.org_talk:Community portal#Content|should be moved]] from [[:Category:Sharewiki|Sharewiki]] to [[:nomad:|nomadwiki.org]].
( •  [[:SHE_goes_MAD|Conference]]  
•  [[:SHE_invitation|Invitation]]
•  [[:Nomadbases|Nomadbase]]
•  [[:SHE_goes_MAD#Topics|Topics]]
•  [[:she_nyc|She is in US]]
•  [[:Category:Nomadbase|All Nomadbase Pages]]
•  [https://lists.0xb5.org/mm/listinfo/nomadbase E-mail list])
<big>Please move this page to [[:nomad:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|{{FULLPAGENAME}}]].'''</big>
Also to be migrated: [[:Category:Nomadism|nomadism]] • [[:Category:Nomadbase|nomadbases]] • [[:Category:SHE|SHE]] • [[:Category:Past events|Past events]]</div>

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Content useful for travelling and accommodation should be moved from Sharewiki to nomadwiki.org.

Please move this page to Template:She.

Also to be migrated: nomadismnomadbasesSHEPast events