Circles of Sharing


Circles of Sharing are groups of persons that voluntarily share something that can be shared, such as items, work, food, housing, tools, resources, mutual support, financial means, love and life.

These circles are likely to have multiple depts and many interconnections. Anyone can be part of different circles while also part of the same one.


An example could be sharing financial resources into a collective pool that can be used for common purposes or specific things such as insurance or investments into the conventional economy. Think of community banking or financial cooperatives.

Another example could be housing. A group of people that have access to multiple housing world-wide or in their localities. Members have access to these.

Shared Production

One could also think of different production units, such as bakeries, wood-workers, furniture-makers, etc. that would be incorporated into a wider circle of sharing, where for example a part of its produce is offered without costs for the members of the community, with members that could be rotating within the different production-units.

This is also called shared production. Setting up such a system could be done within the current frame-works of western societies. This would be a cooperative of cooperatives, or association of associations pretty much like the idea of Proudhon.