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A flogger is an online storyteller who chronicles the adventures of themselves and/or others. Floggers are not reporters or journalists, they are story tellers. Their work is to create a reality based storyline that is both more compelling than current soap operas and more interactive.

Living in Adventure: What brings readers to a site is likely a combination of things: good writing, character development, wisdom dissemination and interesting plot line. For video elements attractive characters, cinematic aspects, and engaging dialog would also factor in. Floggers live or visit exciting lifestyle choices and chronicle the adventures.

Floggers relationships with the world. Most people experience floggers thru their blogs. Which are fairly regularly updated (probably schedules are desirable, w/ regular release times, but that might not be easily done for some lifestyles we are trying to capture).

Flog subscribers Some people choose to have more content available to them, background stories, side character development, SN services - like a wall, chat services with other subscribers.

Flog participants is the highest level service, which enables you to interact with floggers thru electronic media (usually email). Typically offering advice and asking questions about other characters and experiences.

Offering the main storyline for free and then also providing additional subscription services or gift based.

Floggers can also use advertisement services such as google ad words and to generate income for popular stories.

Flogger relations with subscription services can be complex, including responding to advice from subscribers who identify as parents or werents (people who which they were parents be were not).

Examples of Floggers can be found in Digital Nomads nomad:Flogger