Free Web Template


This is a template that allows explaining clearly that the Web you are working on is a Free Web. Fulfill gaps and publish it in any visible place of your website. You can use Free Web minibanner to link to particular website, you can also add your link to Free Web project, to definition of 5 or 6 freedoms of Free Web and add your Free Web to the comparative table.

This web is a Free Web, which means that you are free to:

  • Get, with the total freedom, the program that we use to construct the interface. This program is called program name, it is a free software according to terms of the license and you can get it in the form that it is being used at this web on the following URL:
  • Get, with a total freedom, the operating system, domains and all the programs that are being used to provide you the service. These are the following: List: Program name, license, program URL:
  • Have access to all the protocols and formates. Formates used are the following list of formats that are being used, localization of specifications and free program(s) that give the access. The protocols being used are the following list of used protocols that are being used, localization of specifications and free program(s) that give the access.
  • Have access to political/technological/economical organization that manages the service. The democratic protocol of access is protocol of access and the policy of the service respects the users freedom and is the following link to the policy of the service.
  • Enjoy the content. For the fact of spreading it through this web the author doesn't lose copyright management nor the user looses the access to the content. If not stated otherwise, all the content on this web is under the type of free license and a link to the license text .
  • Furthermore, this website is accessible out of internet through the free network network name, which operates in geographical localization of the website, under terms of Wireless Commons. You can get connected in the following way: open protocol of joining the free network.