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GoodRelations vocabulary for e-commerce.

In the following, I would like to highlight a few recent developments:

1. As you likely know, Yahoo and Google are now officially recommending the use of GoodRelations in RDFa in order to provide rich site data for their index. I also heard rumors that Bing is closely monitoring this space, but they refuse to comment on it.

2. Bojan Živanović is working on a very powerful

GoodRelations extension for the Drupal Commerce module

it may become available in a few weeks or so. He presented an alpha version at the Drupal Devdays in Brussels

3. There are powerful, free extensions for - Joomla/Virtuemart - Wordpress / WP4Ecommerce - Magento

available at

They each have 1000+ downloads already.

4. Telling the world of your GoodRelations data

We are finalizing a new service that you can use to tell us and the world of your GoodRelations data / store:

It's not yet officially released, but if you operate a Web shop, please submit the URI of your sitemap.xml file to that service, and we will make sure that your data gets index by all major semantic services.

5. If you are offering cars, boats, bikes for sales or rental, look at the respective extension module for GoodRelations:

6. If you are offering tickets for events, points of interest, or transportation (trains, busses, flights,...) look at the respective extension module for GoodRelations:

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