Models for distribution of cultural content


This page is an attempt to draft an efficient and ethical distribution system for cultural content. In the context of the clash between production lobbies and the general public.

Modus operandi is: A discussion list on email, where interested people are invited to join and speak. It hopes to foster an enumeration of existing alternatives, a discussion on those and a debate on what else could be thought of.

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The issue we'll be discussing is particularly sensitive in the field of music but has already spread to cinema and videogames and will soon affect literature. It would be good to keep a wide angle focus on the terms "artist".

The current model

An artist only produces art.

For the needs of production, promotion, distribution, artist usually hire producers (distributors, editors... the name varies). The producers usually takes a major part of the revenue generated (90% for record producers and book editors). In most cases, the copyright to the creation is shared between the artist and the producer.

The distribution model usually involves printing hard copies of a digital content, shipping it to the sales point and selling them with huge margins ; and suppressing peer to peer sharing of the content.

It should be too hard to find a more efficient alternative.





If you are making some research by youself, or have any documents that you wrote in the past about anything that someone can search as well, you can easyly sell it on different website. Oodoc, is a french website who sell documents, like intership reports, any research, it have to be more than 3pages, it can be in english as well but the site is in french... They will give you half of the price so for example an intership report is selling 5.4 euros, you will have 2.7 for you each time that someone is buying it. Actually the first guy of the website have 750 document and he earn around 9000euros.--Terrehappy 02:32, 9 March 2010 (UTC)

Sharing Peer to Peer

  • Emule

Peer to peer is a really useful mean to spread a cultural content, for example if you've have made an album, and you want to make the promotion of it, just put in the sharing files with a document to propose a donation as jamendo is doing. There is a sharing community as well called razorback, we can get information, it's in french as well