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General plan

  • Produce sound communication material
  • Let the world know
  • That's it

To do

  • Write a manifest
  • Write sample message for organisations
  • Write sample message for CS city group
isn't this seperate from CS? Are we really looking for 'numbers'?
It is separate, doesn't mean we can't use it. If there are existing places that are dreaming of a network of communities, they might be following some CS group. It's just a way to reach them. It doesn't mean we go for the million member madness and donation extorsion --Sitarane 23:48, 23 November 2009 (UTC)
But on the other hand, we do need a good discussion on 'how we want to spread' what it is we really are looking for. I think the main focus should be on reaching existing 'bases' and get them into the idea and network we try to create instead of just throwing it out... There might be 10 bases already, but let's first focus on getting these together instead of throwing out the idea. First things first I would say, and let's not make this idea explode itself --Robino 00:43, 26 November 2009 (UTC)
Couldn't agree more --Sitarane 18:14, 26 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Write sample message for general interest forums (What do you think of this initiative...)
  • Set up twitter and facebook presence


  • One short manifest, one detailed.
  • Sample messages, they help to have a consistant tone.
  • Design a flyer, put it available to members on the website.
  • Write a Nomadbase setting up handbook.
That's a bit too much. I mean, teaching people?
Well, that would more be a communication tool than an actual manual. Just to show that it is "that easy"

Let's say it's more like describing the problems that any nomadbase has to deal with(organization, dealing with the administration, etc). I mean, I think the aim is to make it easier for people to create their nomad base and not having to start every time from zero. Call it whatever you want.--- E. 09:27, 26 November 2009 (UTC)
Couldn't agree more --Sitarane 18:14, 26 November 2009 (UTC)


from 2009

This is a draft. It's by far not tentative and if you don't agree you should mercilessly edit it.

Please comment the entries that you wish to comment using the edit button.

The communication strategy aims at bringing the knowledge of the existence of the nomadbase initiative to:

  • Already existing nomadbases that wish to network with other similar initiatives
  • People that wish to benefit from the experience of existing and networked nomad bases in order of open their own.

There seems to be a consensus about first networking the bases together AND starting new ones before (if ever) communicating to travellers.

List of ideas

Each item of that list must be made into a paragraph further down the page, or a page of their own. If you have a great idea but no time to expand on it, list it already, someone else will do the job.

  • Define a "nomadbase maintainer persona"
is this really needed?
Only if we want something to help keep a consistent communication when many people might be involved. Anyway, this is brainstorming. List all ideas, even the bad ones.--Sitarane 09:55, 26 November 2009 (UTC)
  • List the channels that we may use to reach them
  • Growing organically - not that much outreach beyond our peers (be aware of the couchsurfing syndrome)
  • Open a communication page to list all the communication related items.

Communication persona

This page has been moved to the discussion page. As it has sparked much discussion. Discuss it there.

How to reach them


  • Hospitality networks
    • Create groups
    • Publish on CS city groups and related interest groups (alternative ways of living...).
  • Facebook
    • Open a page
    • Link it to the profiles of the people participating in the initiative.
  • Twitter
    • Open an account
    • Use a hashtag
  • Other social net tool?

Put someone in charge of all that. There's nothing so pathetic than disused communication tool.

How? We're no slave of the community!


What's that? Well, let's take an extreme: Some hippie commune with just one MS Windows computer that is always off anyways.

  • Send travelers with [Lighfoot|lightfoot] letters
confuse people and call them "ambassadors"...
Huh! Why not "viceroys" --Sitarane 18:22, 25 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Have communication material available in key-physical-places

What kind of physical places our non-tech target are likely to be found? Re: Infoshops/ Alternative cafe's/Cultural associations like the T-house

Check: "Organisations" chapter below


Some organisations that are on the same wavelengh would link our website and/or put flyers on their desks and/or other, all it takes is to let them know. Also, for the non-tech, organisation with physical premisces might be the only propagation vector.

  • Associations will definitely link us.
  • Bloggers too

List of key words

Non profits, fair trade, environmental stuff, WOOF, volunteering

Communication tools

What do we actually use. Well, that goes on the communication page.


This page has been moved to the discussion page. Discuss it there.