Nomadbase promotion


At The Berlin SHE, a meeting took place on the subject of how to promote the concept of nomadbase. Only the last chapter is about concrete tools, but it is all based on the discussion that took place before and that is transcripted here.


What is a nomad base for you? Opinions...

The more people join the more sustainable it is. The network should not be closed. A nomad place is a place with no limitation (less limitations?) A new vision for property.

it is not a barther, you give what you have. it is about setting up a parallel system for people to share what they can. nomadbase is a good name, you travel, you offer something, it means you are open. it means skillsharing. learning/teaaching to cook, etc.

nomadbase is a place to work. i can do my stuff and I have access to the knowledge of other people. where I can assist other people. it is not even so much a place to chill for me, although i can accept it of other people do that. concept of nomadbase is not so new. it is like inventing fire over and over again.

A place where you can be yourself and do your stuff A place to chill It's not a political project It's more turned to the individual and the team rather than the society.

There are places where you need to be for longer time to get a feeling of what is going on. Opening the eyes of other people can be a long process. It is good that it is easy to find.

a place to be. exposing it to the "right people". how you do that?

2 subjects: A base promoting itself / the promotion of

What do you think we should be doing in this meeting?

We need to explain the concept to people that don't know what it is. Nomadbases need to be involved with the local people. Try to educate the world by the example.

Them and Us syndrome. We need to either involve them either to stay in good terms with them. We need to find positive recognition.

We are not against the world, we must be WITH it. Rainbow and Squat syndrome.

The problem with broadcasting

Casarobino is not promoting at all. They are extremely warry of media attention.

Person to person contact is much more reliable than publication.

But we must take the word out to the society. Do you mean we must hide?

One on one contact allows better understanding. In particular within a nomad base.

When you use the media you must have a very clear goal. A campaign.

Do we do it for ourselves or for the greater benefit of society?

Maybe the way for the concept to serve society better is to grow slowly and carefully.

There's media and media. Mainstream and specialised. Specialized media allows to hit more precisely.

When broadcasting, the poster is responsible for communication. No direct link to individual bases. Interested people get in touch with him.

Wishful thinking. No way to control it. But it's a good "guideline" --Sitarane 18:01, 28 November 2009 (UTC)

Protection of the network? How do we do it.

By telling a consistent message.

It's arrogant to think that our friends are the best people. We should reach the people and let them decide.

It's already hard enough to get consensus in a small group of relatively similar people.

Avoid splitting the network in the same way it happened to hospex.

Concrete suggestions

When we're travelling, find the nomadbases. Stay there and possibly involve them.

List of places to check: "I heard of a place over there, can someone check it out". Notification to geographically close nomads.

List of (dated) creation intentions.

List of bases in bases in trouble.

Forum can do that better.

Lightfoot letter if nobody can get there.

No email or impersonal contact taking. Can inquire about a place by remote communication, but the actual connection to nomadbase should be done by people face to face.

Content type: Potential nomadbase, can be created by anyone. Can be upgraded to "nomadbase" by super-nomad. Super-nomad is either someone that came to that conference or someone contaminated by them.

Another content: A "place" (everyone's address) can be upgraded to a "base"

Avoid verification.

Everyone can open a profile. And can create a place. If they think that their place would be a good base. They make a call and somebody comes and check it out. If X people say it's a base, it is a base.

Works for existing base and creating bases.


  • Promotion should be done by people physically meeting other people.
  • If a participant in nomadbase thinks that there is a nomad base that should be connected to the network, he should go there and introduce the idea to the people living there. If the people living there like the concept of being in touch with other similar places, they join the network on their own initiative.

Consequences on the website structure

  • List of "places to check out" that can be accessed and populated by current participants on The content type "group" can be used for that.
  • Anyone can create a profile on
  • Every profile owner is given the opportunity to open their "place" (house, appartment) to travellers. A "place" is a genuine content type.
  • Every owner of a "place" that thinks that his place is actually good for a nomadbase can transform it into a "base". When that happens, nearby participants are notified and suggested to go and physically visit the place.

In the case of a participant discovering an existing nomadbase that is not connected to the network (and that wishes to be). One of the people living there just needs to create a profile and open their "place" directly as a "base". The nomad that is visiting them can immediately add content to that new "base".