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Sharewiki is a website about what sharing is, does and develops. It documents lots of concepts as well as practical ideas about organic models and other articles.

A wiki is a tool for doing and sharing edits between people; therefore contents in sharewiki are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license if not otherwise stated by the editor.

We are releasing a daily database dump with all articles.

ShareWiki Contributors

Sharewiki was initiated on November 6th, 2008 by guaka, robino and Dante, and were soon thereafter joined by Kardan and Abundance. Coco and flawer is a sharewiki addict that started editing on summer 2010. See also other contributors, you? Just click edit, or even better, create an account (easy through OpenID).

Aah, see also the donations page (always under construction).

Why Sharewiki?

The idea for Sharewiki was born to facilitate the sharing of sharing-practices and to share new ideas for creating new projects based on sharing. For sharing sake!

How to edit in Sharewiki?

Edits are restricted to administrators due to lack of maintenance resources for blocking the spam attacks that most wikis have. You are welcomed to introduce yourself to the mailing list introducing your wished edits to the rest of editors and/or send edit suggestions to users.

If you need further advice about wished edits we have, you could browse the stubs for the less edited pages, the categories that are more looking for pages, the wishlist or the main talk page.

The Help page may help you getting you started.

Content architecture=

Sharewiki has not any uncategorized, unused, or wanted pages, files, categories nor templates, except the wanted pages and the unused files.

The templates categories have good reference links at some categories and pages through the pages which link here (to each template). Template:SW/Other Page titles should be in singular, but categories titles can be in plural.

See more in the SW category.


In Sharewiki the categories tree is called Resources and "Models" is the most loaded category. You can challenge that (talk) or create new categories as a subcategory of tags.

We are trying categorizing articles the less but the better. At sharewiki, concepts are subcategory of models and some "other models" are also categorized as "concepts" due to its importance of creating those new definitions for the sharing culture.

For languages different than english, there's the other languages category or you could ask for getting a subdirectory (i.e. with a specific database for your language.


Quality of content on the "Local resources" from models is the long term project here (now is quite poor). They should be accompanied with some mapping.

Other wikis

We do link to other wikis! and refer to them at some pages and categories in case you prefer to add contents in those instead.