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Dante s quotes :

" Autonomy through increasing mutual inter-dependency choices "

" Sharing is creating together "

" Is there anything more meaningful than sharing ? "


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Antwerp Collective



Instead of my 100 to 200 euros monthly budget ( or sometimes, no budget ) I was on during my 5 years on the road,

I wish to converge 800 euros monthly to cover my expenses, having more safety and focusing better on project building.

As for now, 2 people pledged a total of 150 euros monthly if I would leave behind my current social income - 650 euros to go...

I do not wish to live a nomadic life in a isolated approach anymore, choosing not to spend most of the time waiting for a lift, nor do I wish to depend totally on short term hospitality, as I described on

Until I can find non-monetary alternatives for sharing such lifestyle, I wish to spend time between Brussels, Berlin, Leipzig, and possibly the Netherlands, while developing the following interconnected projects, by means of such financial support :


As of May 2011, Dante wants to find out alternative hosting opportunities in Belgium, in Brussels or around Brussels, where I can move my official address to, while not having to pay rent.

I am especially interested in addresses in well off "communes" as it can make it more likely for me to ask for the financing of my article 60.


Current Needs for Sharing Better :

On 1th of August 2010, Dante wants to find an organization, preferably in Brussels, willing to endorse him as a project collaborator, under the "article 60" status,

which enables Dante to get paid a salary by the belgian government while working with that organization.

2010 : organizations Dante has approached - apparently they want to avoid any procedures - needs to be approved by the council, and they apparently may not have the resources to "train" me - they seem enthusiastic - update : they considered applying, then dropped it,fr.html - update : approached them, they started applications, then dropped it - update : approached them - approached them , no reply - yet - : approached the "Forum" project lead by Elise. Elise is interested in enabling a collaboration on their project. Applications for Art60 initiated - waiting for reply from the cpas.

More Suggestions of Organizations in Brussels ?

Collaboration approach

It is important for Dante to work in a agile way, combining face to face and internet related collaboration, preferably working on projects involving collective intelligence, including through the development of tools for emergent governance and the choice of relational economic dynamics.

Additional Current Needs


A Bicycle -- > * Done 2012 - Thanks for the bike !

update 2013 : got stolen , need a new one

Laptop or Tablet

A new laptop and a flat screen -- > 2012 Thanks !

update 2013 : got stolen , need a new one


A Comfortable Ergonomic Chair - update 2013 : Not ergonomic, but already improved

update 2014 : Chair Got Stolen ( can you imagine ? next on the list to steal : my remaining table )


Food in the second half of the month

update since 2013 : Enough to finish the month, as debt got paid, social income increased while rent stagnated


A place to interact with others - update 2013 : in process

update 2014 : Hope for Antwerp Collective ... err , taken back ( or stolen ? )

2015 : in process ...