Antwerp Collective


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About progressively setting forward various organizational aspects related to Antwerp Collectives.

Opportunity to organize in a 500 square meter house owned by a not for profit.


Rob, who controls the property of the not for profit with his sons, decided to sell the building.

Dante hopes that the building can be used under a convention of temporary occupation

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Dante , and You ? ( add yourself by editing this page )


Centre of Antwerp ( ask Dante ),

A part of an old Monastery


De-Schooling , Conviviality , ... Co-creating narratives...


Some Main Intentions

  • Modular , Scalable , Distributed, Commons Oriented ( ex: FLOSS )
  • Self-Less Actualization (link to pdf)
  • Healing / Regeneration
  • Co-creation and Learning

General Spirit

Examples of Topics / projects for collectives



Learning and Incubation

Existing Projects :

"Schools" :

Some Social Contracts and Economics :

Further Inspirations

Some More Conceptual Frameworks

Communication platforms ?


Other Communities With Similar Intentions

Open Value Networks Google+