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edits about vow

see the bottom link i added at that Vow page.. keep me aware if you see some implementation in some platform you'd like.

moved to talk tha page

vow.. cos i need a formaler home. now there are 2 projects highlighted there.

Long time no read

Hi Dante,

I am currently moving content on SHE and nomadbases to Nomadwiki and got around the articles Leipzig project and Antwerp Collective, mostly edited by you.

Do you think it's worth to migrate them, are they still up and running (doesn't look like)? If not it would be great to see a little description of the progress and why those projects didn't work out as planned. Because the idea of both was really great!

Thanks and hopefully we meet soon, maybe at Nomadbase_network_meeting --Traumschule (talk) 20:44, 11 September 2017 (CEST)