Lena lives in suburbs of Barcelona in an occupied space. There are two collectives she supports, one (La Pachamama) is mostly focused on music and spirituality and the other (Can Guspira?) more into activism, gardening, freedoms and social movements. La Guspira is established as a part of Nomad's Land and therefore is open to share it's small recurses with Nomads. As this space has been enabled recently, it needs a lot of work (cleaning, gardening, construction work...)

To be shared:

  • music (La Pacha)
  • bread making (La Pacha)
  • acroyoga (La Pacha)
  • maya knowledge (La Pacha)
  • alternatives for capitalism (health, education, money, alimentation...) (La Guspira)
  • free software (La Guspira)