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casarobino or simply casa is a small apartment in Amsterdam shared by nomadic travelers. The place is rented by Robino who decided to use the space as a home-base for same-minded and sometimes not-so-same-minded people. It is also called a nomadbase.


Guidelines for Sustainability

  • The house does not like dead animals nor fish; unless you are a kitten.
  • You take what you need and share what you want/can.
  • Once you are in the house, you share the house
i.e the house is yours as much as it is anyone else's.

Everyone is a Host

  • Welcome new people into the house.
  • Open the door when the doorbell rings if, and only if, they have a current password.
  • Respect existing culture, no great civilization has ever forgotten its past.
  • Think of others first, before you think of yourself.

Contribution Consciousness

  • Casa loves initiative;
  • Collect, Cook, Clean, Create.
  • Create space by giving space
  • Leave a useful contribution