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* user-relations?
* user-relations?
* user-notifications for actions related to them

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New website for Casarobino.


  • based on drupal 7
  • as light as possible
  • Five main Functions:
    • blog/ events/ video/ photos/ poll
    • status / user-focused / what's up? / location
    • hosting/ about
    • photos ?
    • links/feeds


There are some issues before migrating:

  • User profiles needs to be first ported to http://drupal.org/project/profile_migrate so that they are ready for new profile features D7.
  • No facebook-status module for D7 yet, while this is most used feature on the website Want to use status.net instead. Downfall of status.net is limit of characters. Want to be able to make threaded conversations on website also. How?
  • Need to take off nodes that were set to private for trusted/ authenticated users
  • Internal message-board/forum for only logged in user/trusted
  • Activity stream will go offline



  • Set up map-location os users by ip-address + opt-out on user-level
  • user-relations?


  • user-notifications for actions related to them