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Money might be one of the hardest things to share (maybe after your toothbrush), because it is a medium of exchange and the concept of the exchange is to ask for what you get in return before you give something - quid pro quo. There are very simple schemes you can make to voluntarily share money-resources.

Sharing money is often usual in communities, through a common bank-account for example. Volunteer income-sharing is another way to share money.

Reduce Money

By sharing goods, ideas, skills and services you can reduce the use of money.

A good way to share money is to not directly share money but to share expenses. This can happen on donation basis according to your personal contribution - as for example with the concept of the magic hat of the rainbow people.


Another approach is to completely do away with money in your life and projects you develop, following an approach called Moneyless Budget. Some examples of people who have been living without money:

  • Heidemarie Schwermer is a woman who is based in Germany and who has been living without money since 1996.
  • Mark Boyle is a man based in England and who has been living without money since November 2008, starting on Buy Nothing Day
  • Peace Pilgrim, a woman who has been living without money for thirty years in the United States. She walked around the country to promote peace.

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