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A '''Nomadbase-network''' would be a network of [[nomads]] and [[nomadbases]]. This would be a network of nomads, long term travelers, skillsurfers, etc, with places and bases that are open for shared living.
#REDIRECT [[:nomad:Category:Nomadbase]]
=Online presence=
There is currently a proposal to make a webplatform to create such a network. Development takes places on [http://nomadbase.org nomadbase.org] as well as on [https://we.riseup.net/nomadbase grabgrass]
==Technical implementation ideas==
===Idea: use http://openatrium.com===
* drupal "distribution"
* it has "features"
* openatrium already has "spaces", with
** blog
** twitter-like functionality
** casetracker - e.g. for tasks or wishes
* Location
* Capacity
* Blog-like:
** Pictures
** Videos
** Text
* the bases are managed by one or more people
* Usual profile stuff (pics, description, links)
* Trust?
** Communication
* Do we actually need one for nomads?
* Linked to bases
* drupal as openid provider?
** people could use profiles elsewhere
wiki to share initiatives.

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