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#REDIRECT [[Nomadbase communication]]
''Please comment the entries that you wish to comment using the [http://sharewiki.org/w/index.php?title=Nomadbase_communication_strategy&action=edit edit] button.''
The communication strategy aims at bringing the knowledge of the existence of the nomadbase initiative to:
*Already existing nomadbases that wish to network with other similar initiatives
*People that wish to benefit from the experience of existing and networked nomad bases in order of open their own.
There seems to be a consensus about first networking the bases together AND starting new ones before (if ever) communicating to travellers.
==List of ideas==
Each item of that list must be made into a paragraph further down the page, or a page of their own. If you have a great idea but no time to expand on it, list it already, someone else will do the job.
*Define a "nomadbase maintainer persona"
:is this really needed?
::Only if we want something to help keep a consistent communication when many people might be involved. Anyway, this is brainstorming. List all ideas, even the bad ones.--[[User:Sitarane|Sitarane]] 09:55, 26 November 2009 (UTC)
*List the channels that we may use to reach them
*Growing organically - not that much outreach beyond our peers (be aware of the couchsurfing syndrome)
*Open a [[Nomadbase communication|communication page]] to list all the communication related items.
==Communication persona==
This page has been moved to the [http://sharewiki.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Nomadbase_communication_strategy&action=edit discussion page]. As it has sparked much discussion. Discuss it there.
==How to reach them==
*Hospitality networks
**Create groups
**Publish on CS city groups and related interest groups (alternative ways of living...).
***Write a sample mail, put it on the [[Nomadbase communication|communication page]]
**Open a page
**Link it to the profiles of the people participating in the initiative.
**Open an account
**Use a hashtag
*Other social net tool?
Put someone in charge of all that. There's nothing so pathetic than disused communication tool.
:How? We're no slave of the community!
What's that? Well, let's take an extreme: Some hippie commune with just one MS Windows computer that is always off anyways.
*Send travelers with [Lighfoot|lightfoot] letters
:confuse people and call them "ambassadors"...
::Huh! Why not "viceroys" --[[User:Sitarane|Sitarane]] 18:22, 25 November 2009 (UTC)
*Have communication material available in key-physical-places
What kind of physical places our non-tech target are likely to be found?
Re: Infoshops/ Alternative cafe's/Cultural associations like the T-house
:Check: "Organisations" chapter below
Some organisations that are on the same wavelengh would link our website and/or put flyers on their desks and/or other, all it takes is to let them know. Also, for the non-tech, organisation with physical premisces might be the only propagation vector.
*Associations will definitely link us.
*Bloggers too
===List of key words===
Non profits, fair trade, environmental stuff, WOOF, volunteering
==Communication tools==
What do we actually use. Well, that goes on the [[Nomadbase communication|communication page]].
This page has been moved to the [http://sharewiki.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Nomadbase_communication_strategy&action=edit discussion page]. Discuss it there.

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