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== Hi All How Are You Doing? ==
I am new here..First post to just say hi to all community.

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I really like the new style! guaka 23:34, 17 December 2008 (UTC)


Hello, as you can see this is my first post here. Hope to get any assistance from you if I will have any quesitons. Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

Web hosting question

Hi guys,

I know this might be a bit off topic but seeing that a bunch of you own websites, where would the best place be to host. Someone recommended I use Blue Host<//url> for $6.95 a month which seems like a great deal. Anyone here on sharewiki.org using them?

Hi Everybody!

Hi there!

i've just joined here and wanted to say hi to all of you!I really hope to give something back to this board...