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I think the recent changes to the main page are actually making things (even) less clear. :/ guaka 23:47, 26 November 2011 (UTC)
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Page for questions, suggestions, ideas, complaints, plans. You can also write to administrators or other (registered) users on their talk page.

Past suggesstions and discussion can also be found in this page maybe

About Sharewiki page


  • Maps' integration discussion.
  • Get content from Couchwiki, hitchwiki, etc. for the Barcelona page
  • Articles counting and colapsible subcategories presented in a nicer (different?) template each..
  • add a page for each keyword used in SW/Vocabulary

Extensions wanted

Collapsible text
RSS-XML Feed reader
Collapsible categories
Language tools needed?


  • Root picture in uml,
  • Root picture bigger at top and or background looking like the site-page is under earth with top of the page being the earth border with the air-sun-etc (maybe a piece is sunny cos someone digged..).


Share this wiki by Editing it preferently this way,

Other suggestions

About categories


The aim is to have the root categories we have, with content growing of the "energies & " and "local resources" from the models and projects categories' pages once they are more developed. Models could still keep pages about global issues, without having to name them "Global models".

We have to find the best way to inventorize the local resources. For now we are easy linked with /de, /etc, hitchwiki, couchwiki, trashwiki and wiking wikis networking.

  • Should we have inside of category:bike_sharing the pages from barcelona, etc that have bikes for sharing too?
  • How to deal with mappings?
  • Forms for inputs. See this other wiki here

More on categories

At sharewiki, concepts are subcategory of models and some "other models" are also categorized as "concepts" due to its importance of creating those new definitions for the sharing culture.

The templates categories are good reference links at some categories and pages. The Pages which link here (to each template) are also helpful sometimes.

The tree is to be filled with new branches, the point is to keep it scalable.

Categories suggestions

  • Health category subcategories: Sanitation, Other waste disposals, Drainage.
  • Category:Local_documentss_from_nonenglish_areas_in_english could be subcategory and for categorizing pages in the local_resources (which ideally should go promoted to the Root page) pages that have some of this docs translated as it could atract foreigner people to the place which has more of this docs available .

Refused categorizings

  • Basic goods category was parent of food&health, hospitality&transport, energies&techs
  • Values
    • Concepts
      • ...
    • Human values(braveness, fairness, solidarity, etc.)
    • Basic goods
    • ...
    • Value metrics
  • Sharism as category:
    • rename models per sharism
    • move some model's pages to sharism

  • ...

See also