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Amsterdam is the capital-city of the Netherlands.

Apart from subcultures, such as the squat-scene, Amsterdam does not have a very sharist culture. The things you can find in Amsterdam are:

  • non-commercial tool-workspaces; spaces where one can go to lend a tool
  • freight-bike-sharing. There is a network of several houses in Amsterdam who maintain a freight-bike. You can borrow these for free.
  • Dumpster Diving. Special days when big trash is put out on the streets, and markets you can explore to obtain food that's not going to be sold. Check Trashwiki.
  • One Bike Kitchen
  • A repair-cafe
  • Lots of old squats where you can participate in doing things

Temporary Segment for Visiting A'dam projects

Dante ( feel free to contact him ) and ... wishes to visit projects in Amsterdam

such as


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