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Why was this category deleted? Which other category is replacing this? guaka 23:45, 26 November 2011 (UTC)


as i see as last recent content was: de:Kategorie:Kategorie' . i guess at the /de you agrupate the categories into one big one called "browse". here i have done it through the nocategorizing of the top level categories. so er have them at uncategorized catgs.

i think i won't like the difference between i.e. "browse" and "models" . browse should contain them all. but in tha case i would prefer to call that single top category "Resources" and we'll have more editing options that now at uncatgcatgs.

i am going to re-create the category:browse into category:tags and will put an additional link in that page to the root tree here.

how is that?

testing it

actually, we could name the top category one "browse" and keep the "resources" link to it from the sidebar, like we do with "Root vs /Sharewiki".

(we don't want a link from the sidebar called "browse", "categories" (going to one category:browse). do we?)