Four degrees of sharing

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By Janelle Orsi, Written with Emily Doskow

excerpts :

Sharing to the First Degree

Requires Cooperation + Minimal Planning

in these ways:

Potlucks or meal exchanges with neighbors or co-workers, Borrowing and lending goods, Babysitting exchange, Dog walking exchange, Harvesting and sharing fruit from neighborhood trees, Sharing computer code or content

Sharing to the Second Degree

Requires Cooperation + More Extensive Planning


Sharing an in-home care provider for children, elders, or people with disabilities, Sharing rental housing or ownership of a single family home, Sharing yard space for food cultivation, Babysitting co-op with multiple families, Neighborhood tool lending “library” (which could be a shared shed where neighbors store their tools, or a list of tools each neighbor owns and is willing to lend), Food-buying club, Neighborhood home repair group

Sharing to the Third Degree

Requires Cooperation + Extensive Planning + Infrastructure


Cohousing communities and housing cooperatives, Community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs, Cooperative groceries, Parent-run cooperative preschools, Offices, studios, commercial kitchens, and other workspaces shared among multiple entrepreneurs, Community-wide tool lending libraries, Cooperatives that facilitate sharing of resources and collective bargaining by businesses (such as an alpaca fiber cooperative that processes and sells fur from hundreds of small alpaca farms)

Sharing to the Fourth Degree

Requires Cooperation + Extensive Planning + Infrastructure + Community-Wide Restructuring and Mobilization

examples of fourth degree sharing include:

Dedication of public land to community gardening plots, Expansion of public library systems to include lending of tools, equipment and other goods, City-wide bikesharing programs, Official designation of casual carpooling parking lots and pick-up spots, Planning of neighborhoods and design of housing to facilitate extensive common areas and community interaction, City-wide wifi programs

Developing Our Sharing Toolkits


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Video :

"In October 2009, Emily Doskow, coauthor of The Sharing Solution (Nolo) spoke at Broadway Books about some of the great sharing ideas featured in her book. "

Book : The Sharing Solution How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life & Build Community

by: Attorney Janelle Orsi , Attorney Emily Doskow