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The idea is to enable a Hybrid Form of Courrier, that is faster than other existing express services, enables the covering of costs for digital nomads, is more environmentally friendly, and enables participatory / cooperative / open value network practices amongst its partners.

Also see a non monetised alternative practice as Projet Lightfoot

Feel free to contribute to this Lean Business Model


Bike Courrier Partners

Current Express Prices for Germany

About 22 to 23 Euros per package




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Courrier Companies




Train Courrier Partners



Reguläre BahnCard 100 bestellen:

Bestellschein BahnCard 100 für Privatkauf (PDF, 580KB)


Bestellschein BahnCard 100 für Firmenkunden (PDF, 556KB)


Die Vorteile :

Nur 4.090 Euro (2. Klasse) / 6.890 Euro (1. Klasse) bei Einmalzahlung Nur 379 Euro monatlich (2. Klasse) / 639 Euro monatlich (1. Klasse) im Abo City-Ticket Option* inklusive Reisen mit bis zu 100% Ökostrom!


Travel on public transport for free before and after your rail journey – using your intercity ticket with BahnCard discount or your BahnCard 100. With City-Ticket you can travel for free in over 100 cities in Germany by bus, suburban train, tram or underground from your stating point in the city to the departure station and from the destination station to your destination in the city.

Extra 48h Luggage Transport



Normalgepäck Innerhalb Deutschlands transportieren wir Koffer, Taschen und Rucksäcke bis maximal 31,5 kg (25 kg bei Shop-Abgabe) und einer Größe von 120 x 60 x 60 cm.

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Setting up Legal and VAT number structures

UG - Mini Gmbh


" The company's name must contain either the word Unternehmergesellschaft (Business Corporation) or the abbreviation UG.

An advantage of the mini-GmbH is that the founding of it is relatively unbureaucratic and inexpensive. Rather than a complicated protocol, drawn up by a lawyer, the law provides a standard protocol, requiring little information except the purpose of the company, the names of the management board members and a list of shareholders. A notary must confirm the genuineness of the signatures on the protocol, but that is all he needs do. "


Full Liability of Main Partner / Parent Company ?

Building up Open Value Network

Also see




Platform Cooperativism





EU Grants ?

PiggyBaggy got a EU Grants for its software development ?



Shared with Kamiel and others :

The idea is to enable a Hybrid Form of Courrier, that is faster then other existing express services, enables the covering of costs for digital nomads, is more environmentally friendly, and enables participatory / cooperative / open value network practices amongst its partners.

Some major national express delivery courriers ask around 22 to 23 Euros for an express parcel within 24 hours ( or overnight ) I imagine it can be sent, depending on the distance between cities, within 4 to 8 hours , on the day itself.

If we ask the same price , and if we pay local Bike Courriers ( although best to have our own bike courrier colleagues, as the bike courrier companies seem to take off 2/3 of their income , as intermediary ) , current bike courrier company's seem to charge 6 to 7 euros per parcel for moving it within the city. So first and last mile could cost 14 euros ( VAT included ) , hence 9 euros left for train transportation. If we can get our own courriers and set up our own living spaces / logistical bases in different cities, transactions would not require payments between companies.

I also thought that ideally we would reinvest everything , or use it for expenses. A participatory budgeting approach would enable the covering of expenses.

Finding out an ideal legal framework is also what I'm currently researching.

Ideally I wish this to become some kind of open value network. So we could even have several partner legal frameworks yes, something like that. The company can spend money on whatever is related to its mission. Possibly a not for profit can also be set up in case of need, with as focus "digital nomads"

I imagine focusing on Berlin - Hamburg at first, and doing it twice a day, on a regular basis at first, every working day, possibly also week ends.

We can continue working on our laptops while being on the train. If we offer a discounted price of, say, 5 euros per package at first, for 1,5 kilos, and if we start with, say , as little as 3 packages at first, in average ( although it can scale to 15 or 20 packages per person ) and do 4 trips, thats 12 packages, or 60 euros a day, minus 20 euros a day for the bahncard, that means another 40 euros to spend on other expenses, to start with.

As for a internet platform, thats what eventually I wish to invest in, in terms of software development. Use the extra money for that, midst other infrastructure. A Finnish already set up such software, and so does Uber, for parcels. http://piggybaggy.com/ , https://rush.uber.com/how-it-works

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