Improving maps on Hitchwiki and Trashwiki

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It would be great to improve the maps on Hitchwiki and Trashwiki.

Hitchwiki maps is a custom app created by MrTweek (who's been hosting hitchwiki since we started it under that name) - unfortunately it's not integrated well with mediawiki, like e.g. on On the other hand, the mediawiki extension used on trashwiki doesn't allow integration of all data into one big file, or on one big map.

So it would be great to find a way to have both ways, a global map for trashwiki and a more integrated way to edit hitchwiki map data. The most beneficial solution would be to build upon the MediaWiki extension (that's running on


  • The improvements will be available to the whole wiki community
  • Global overview of good trash places.
  • Much easier editing of places on hitchwiki maps (often heard remark, also guaka is never editing...)
  • The Hitchwiki maps software is currently not freely downloadable, it would be nice to move this towards a free software solution

Here are the various subtasks involved:

Integrate data from the mediawiki maps extension into one map

  • Too hard to do this on the fly for a wiki with 1000s of articles
    • Possibly through a cron job

Migrate hitchwiki maps to the mediawiki maps extension

  • Problem: datapoints are to be in several articles.
    • Is this feasible at all?

Not important, but nice to have

  • Add support for OpenStreetMap to the MediaWiki extension used at trashwiki.
    • Discussion about OpenStreetMap mediawiki extension