Mexico to the Netherlands


Alright, y'all, listen!

I will explain how to hitchhike from Mexico all the way to Colombia and then Colombia to Belgium and then to Holland that's where I'm right now and with a lots of energy and experiences to move to the East from here. It will take me some time to explain everything I've ever did while doing this journey, but I hope I have enough time to do that. Before I go on. I like to explain that before this journey I did a lot of traveling by paying and you know what? It's sooo expensive. When you could use normal basic trasportation meeting cool and no soo cool people at a time. Haaaa...

One day I've ran out of money that's about 6 months ago! I wanted to go traveling still and all I had it's a guitar, backpack and my thumb! Haaaa!

Anyhow I was in Cancun at the time so I've decided to hit a bit south... Which is Belize so I've spend a beautiful 2 weeks in the country hitchhiking everywhere and playing anywhere they've let me.

After that it's started to rain a lot so I've decided to moved south and I ended up in Guatemala.

Crossing to Colombia was a big quest. Somehow maps show that the Panamericana just continues, but they forget to mention that there's a rain forest without asphalt where you have a 95% chance of survival.

This is it for now I hope I can fill you all with positive information that could help you go travelling like I been doing it... all over places normal people wouldn't just find! Night night you all... and save travellings!