Radical giving

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Radical giving is a transformation anyone can make at any time. It is a revolution from within which requires no violence. Nor does it require changes to the law, grant-making trusts, or mass cooperation.

Radical giving means first, giving away all the shit you don't need, to save other people the expense of buying new. This costs you nothing, and wins you a load of street cred. Spend time thinking who needs what to increase the value of your gifts.

Radical giving means second, creating instead of spending. Buying presents for money, even customised ones, is inefficient at fulfilling real needs and at building meaningful relationships. Instead put yourself and your resources at the service of others. Do things with them for any goal other than money.

Radical giving means third, turning away from private obsessions, and turning towards the humans in the immediate vicinity and asking what they might need from you. Having purged yourself of extraneous stuff, you are more likely to discover a deep reservoir of inner resources.