Talk:Semantic Kitchen



the kitchen analogy is very useful because the same solution will also solve manufacturing and distribution of resources.

everything, in a way, is a recipe for cooking something.

something more subtle about the kitchen approach is that people will automatically discuss their situations and wants/needs while meeting for eating. so the ideal system will leverage human social interaction to put less burden on the computation.

what i mean is that by focusing on something like community cooking might have potential to spark the system for solving other community issues not related to food. it just needs to be designed with this generalization in mind


How would such approach be called ?

"Semantic Kitchen" ?

As it seems to be some kind of a mixture of various approaches... Logistics ( before and after cooking ), Potential Local Food Production Logistics ( Food Bank ? ), Local Economics, Gift Economics, Alternative Currencies, Sociability, Social Networking, Reputation, Food Recipes, Alternative Lifestyles, Nomadism, Hospitality, Shared Resources, "Blind Dating" ;) , Fast - Take Away - Slow Food - from your Neighbor , Slow Food Movement, etc