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Syntax: {{IsIn|Wherever}}

This is an empty template creating the breadcrumbs-trail-navigaton without categorizing the article as the Template:IsIn is doing.

This is how it works (an example):

  • In the article of Europe you set {{IsIn|World}} because Europe is a continent in the world.
  • In the article of United Kingdom you set {{IsIn|Europe}} because United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Europe.
  • In the article of England you set {{IsIn|United Kingdom}} because England is an independent country inside of United Kingdom.
  • In the article West Yorkshire you set {{IsIn|England}} because West Yorkshire is a county in England.
  • In the article of Leeds you set {{IsIn|West Yorkshire}} because Leeds is a city in the county of West Yorkshire.

On top of the Leeds article you now can find the following navigation:

  • World --> Europe --> United Kingdom --> England --> West Yorkshire --> Leeds

And that's it!

Beside that, a category of location will be automatically added at the bottom of the page.

Logical classification

At the moment, the navigation is build as followed (it would be nice if all article navigations look uniform):

  • World --> Continent (--> Region) --> Country --> County (country state) > City (town, village)

If a location you submit belongs to more than one location categories (for example, Turkey is both in Asia and Europe), choose the one more often associated with the location in question. You can also check the continent articles of Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas. Here the countries are spread over the different regions of the world as defined by the UN.

If you are unsure of which location category should be applied, check wikipedia, it often tells you in which state the city is located, etc. Note that many location pages on Trashwiki are yet to be written, so don't hesitate to be the first to create an article.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding classification of locations you're welcome to discuss them here.