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Project set near Louvain La Neuve, itself near Brussels - in Belgium.

as to build a garden and other amenities, in relation to http://uhdr.wordpress.com/


Near Gare de Chastres


Permaculture project ?

Housing ?

Systemic approach ?

Meetings ?

Financing ?

Support Groups and Individuals ?


Permaculture ?


Modular Housing ?




Michel de K. , who set up a conference held last week, plans to use his own property, and open it up to create some kind of ( living ? ) centre which promotes systemic thinking.

He recently wrote this book http://setthenewgame.com/

He has 3500 square meters of land, in a rather prime location, where it is allowed to build, nearby an important university town, and a scientific research park, and not far from a train station. ( half an hour from Brussels )


Some comments have been posted on facebook, including on these threads




He at first searched for people willing to do permaculture gardening, but he is also open to alternative constructions.

He apparently leaves it open to emergence, asking people to get involved. ( he probably also has some money to cover costs ? )

Further Comments

Eric commented :

This is a nice little spot that would be well suited to a modest scale project. I think it's probably too small for full scale demonstrations of permaculture as the approach usually wants space for a number of zones with complimentary biomes. It's not always about 'feral' gardening in a homogeneous manner. There's some specific crafting with complimentary species and attention to the insolation and wind profiles and it tends to need space. But it could suit other forms of intensive gardening if one could work around the tree cover. It would be suited to demonstration architecture at a cottage scale, possible employing an approach of high integration---combining into the building structure forms of solar and wind energy and advanced gardening using roof gardens and living wall systems. This would also favor using foundation systems like pin piers and screw pilings that would have negligible impact on the wooded environment and could be easily removed later. All that favors cargotecture and similar small house/tiny house/pod house approaches. I noticed in the comments section you pointed out that some people have already been talking about tiny houses.