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my work here
Many people try to co-own the Sources of
production for their mutual benefit.

It is a very old problem with nearly as
many approaches as attempts.

My goal here is to expose the 'bugs' in
the various ways we try to achive this
so we might finally understand *why* and
*how* our systems of production tend to
grow out of our control and even finally
turn against us in their quest to keep
Price above Cost.

This analysis is meant to be a mechanical,
emotionless disection of our systems of
production and trade with the intent to
derive the 'algorithm' needed to stop
individuals or sub-groups from capturing
excessive portions of the available re-
sources - very much the same goal as an
Operating System kernel attempting to
allocate and schedule the components of
a computer among competing processes.


I am trying to devise a better way
for willing participants to share the
Sources of those Objectives they need.

A scenario that repeats again and again
is that of the family or communal group
that tries to create a self-sufficient
farm only to realize too late that the
growth of that group is not controlled
by those who use it, but by those who
originated and/or now currently *own*
those Physical Sources.

I hope to convince people like Marcin
Jakubowski that it will take more than
biology and technology to compete with
Capitalism: we are going to need another
way to allocate Property that solves
the long-standing issue of Capital
Overaccumulation so Villages can grow
and even become growth 'conduits' that
allow others to grow their own Villages
in an incremental fashion as they buy
surplus from established Villages and
pay Profit which funds the purchase of
even more land and more construction
needed to finally house all of humanity.

This can be done through a legally binding
Social Contract analogous to the goals
of the GNU GPL, but applied by Contract
or Terms of Operation or some such thing
to Private Property (probably in a Trust)
which enforces the constraints we are now
discovering about how to create Freedom
within the Physical realm - and from that,
real Freedom within the Virtual realm -
for no Virtual thing can exist without the
Physical Sources needed to *host* it.