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Sharewiki is a website about sharing – participation, collaboration, giving and taking without quid pro quo. It documents existing structures and approaches, and collects definitions for concepts as well as practical ideas and hints on how to live a life based on sharing – in abundance and post scarcity.

As a free content wiki website it is a place of sharing itself; therefore contents are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

ShareWiki Contributors

Sharewiki was initiated on November 6th, 2008 by guaka and robino, and were soon thereafter joined by Kardan and Abundance. Other contributors so far include Dante, Mirto and you? Just click edit, or even better, create an account (easy through OpenID).

Why Sharewiki?

The idea for Sharewiki was born to facilitate the sharing of sharing-practices and to share new ideas for creating new projects based on sharing. The second element this wiki provides is combining theoretical aspects of sharing with these daily practices of sharing, as such it also aims at creating Free Ideas as well as a Free Ideology.

How to edit in Sharewiki?

Register an account and start editing. It is much more welcomed if you also subscribe to the mailing list and send a message there introducing your wished edits to the rest of editors, specially if they are or could be polemic maybe .

Visit the Category:Stub for the less edited pages yet.

Recources taxonomy

Categories' tree.

If you see-read strange pages during your browsing, you could categorize them as:

  1. Other concepts
  2. Conflictive pages
  3. Delete?
  4. stub

or leave them uncategorized and they will appear in this page, easy to find for another user to categorize them.

When creating a new category, try before browsing well the categories tree, try to categorize it as a subcategory of an existant one or create it adding articles in it (without deleting the categories where the article already is) and-or writing a text's introduction defining its purpose.

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