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Past suggesstions and discussion can also be found in this page maybe

For Root page

Root picture in uml, Root bugger at top and or background looking like the site-page is under earth with top of the page being the earth border with the air-sun-etc(maybe a piece is sunny cos someone digged..).

For helping editing we should recommend to see the source of the Root page so: -Extensions shown. -Most of easy formatting text tricks shown.


Share this wiki by Editing it preferently this way,

Alphabetical index of all articles

Suggestions and discussions

  • Maps' integration discussion.
  • Getting info or add a small template(feed?) from-for Barcelona page at Couchwiki, hitchwiki, etc.


  • Breadcumb at top for Root>sub>sub>... categories browsing

  • Articles counting and colapsible subcategories presented in a nicer (different?) template each..

-Values --Concepts ---... --Human values(braveness, fairness, solidarity, etc.) --Basic goods --... --Value metrics

Extensions wanted

Collapsible text
RSS-XML Feed reader
Colapsible categories
Input text to a (Talk:)Page through a form?
Language tools needed?

Other suggestions

Show all posible extensions at Root