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Page for questions, suggestions, ideas, complaints, plans. You can also write to administrators.

Past suggesstions and discussion can also be found in this other old page maybe.

About root page

I think the recent changes to the main page are actually making things (even) less clear. :/ guaka 23:47, 26 November 2011 (UTC)
I don't really know well how to manage the home page page. i'll try another edit later on. (flawer)

General suggestions

Maps' integration discussion.
Get content from Couchwiki, hitchwiki, etc. for the Barcelona page
Collapsible text
RSS-XML Feed reader
Collapsible categories
Forms? (wordpress is a better solution?)
Language tools needed?
Bank account sharing
Note: Only editing by admin is allowed now, due to minimize maintenance of spam attacks. 
sources vs source vs sbe/sources at catgs. and pages
legalities vs conventional catgzing

About categories

Categories suggestions

  • Health category subcategories: Sanitation, Other waste disposals, Drainage.

Refused categorizings

  • Basic goods category was parent of food&health, hospitality&transport, energies&techs
  • Values
    • Concepts
      • ...
    • Human values(braveness, fairness, solidarity, etc.)
    • Basic goods
    • ...
    • Value metrics
  • Sharism as category:
    • rename models per sharism
    • move some model's pages to sharism

  • ...

About dumps

Dumps per taxonomies in:

linked mind map

See also: Unique p2p download

See also

Heavy suggestions


  • Root picture in uml,
  • Root picture bigger at top and or background looking like the site-page is under earth with top of the page being the earth border with the air-sun-etc (maybe a piece is sunny cos someone digged..).