Digital nomads/authors


The first people invited and my top thoughts on what they would be good at are:

Twin Oaks

  • Angie editing, stories
  • Caroline illustrations, editing
  • Paxus stories, memetic design, propaganda, flogger

Reed Street Philly

  • Patty editing, ambassador, stories
  • Chad lover, coder
  • Rosie ambassador, illustrations, stories, flogger

Casa Robino Am*dam

  • Anu ambassador, geek, coder
  • Robino radical hospitality pioneer, marketing, geek, ambassador
  • Kasper ambassador, geek, coder

Santa Cruz

  • Will editing, memetic design
  • Rabbit stories, editing, propaganda/msnifestos
  • Crystal stories, political analysis


  • Wam Stories,
  • Tobias Ambassador, event mgmt,

If you have different ideas about what you would be good at or interested in doing, please write below on this entry what they are. Please be sure to sign your posts.

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