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related to also see :

List of ungoing projcts which , according to Dante , share a similar vision :

Also see General Overview Compiled by Metamaps ( ask Dante for pass if needed )



Loomio Forum

Current related projects ? :

Offcourse, Bob's #ovni with #sensorica , ,

Ishan / Connor and co's #metamaps gen3 ,

Eyal , Dor and co's #rhizi Dan and Seth #netention based #curiosume

Other netention relating systems ? including Daniel's #weboftrust ? with #ripple ?

Eric Harris Braun and Arthur Brock's #metacurrency

Larky's Noomap ( also based on Javascript , Json ? ... ) ( same as with metamaps - code not published , yet ? )

Other collaboration platforms with a similar spirit ?

  1. OuishareLabs

Academic partnerships ?

  1. stample

MIT MediaLab related #IDcubed , #projectmustardseed and #idhypercubed "Project Mustard Seed" , ( including networks of contracts )

Other potentially related projects / internet of things :

  1. alchematter : ( same as with metamaps and noomap, code not published, yet ? )

We may already have reviewed each of these ( and more ) over time ...

Various communities of practice , google groups, facebook groups, and mailing lists related to each,

or related to general related intentions ?

Such as :

Network of Networks :

Ouishare Labs :

Existing (Fab?)Labs or planned Events where people can meet face to face :

feel free to add / suggest info ...


in another thread, Pavlik replied :

I contributed to both RDF extensions for LevelGraph

I hope I can get back on improving them so happy to hear your feedback or just chat about it in general :)

Please also check tout Hydra API and Linked Data Fragments!!!


regarding Open App api's ,

building from your existing enspiral communities and software, including Loomio and Cobudget ( I'll leave related links for others below )

in addition to last, more technical mail, you may also be in touch with some of these other projects ?

many of these people / projects have already talked with each other, with some who may have an interest ( in using / contributing ? ) in your api.

Would be nice also to introduce you to Ishan and Connor ( Metamaps Gen3 ) , Dor and Eyal ( Rhizi ), who have , broadly, a similar approach to Netention.

And so is also a french project ( , )

Cordially, Dante

some more details :


Regarding convergence, What ( existing ? ) wiki pages would we want to use to gather some of the following information  ?

Communication  :

Simon Tegg suggested to use the Loomio forum

I notice a number of other online places online where there are exchanges in these fields :

- Sensorica mailinglist, and other pages

and development of what is now called "NRP", though I notice they may also be very much present on the loomio forums ( )

- OuiShare Labs fb group

etc / further suggestions ?

As for listing existing code, with related intentions : ( relating to enspiral / loomio ) ( netention ) ( NRP ? ) ( Espians ? ) ( Rhizi )

etc ? / other projects code ?

metamaps ?

noomap ?



and various other code of tools that are or could be included / used by / in combination with projects ?

further links ... ( Node.js , etc ? )



Josef :

I've a huge fan (and active user) of loomio and love the sound of cobudget and so Open App is the project I'm following most closely at present. is another aligned project with very similar goals to the other project Dante has listed.

Their homepage describes the project as:

"D-CENT is a Europe-wide project creating privacy-aware tools and applications for direct democracy and economic empowerment. Together with the citizens and developers, we are creating a decentralised social networking platform for large-scale collaboration and decision-making. community ownership of social data security and privacy by design, open standards, mass scalability access to knowledge and open source"

see and for more info.


Also see :

( internet of things )


Metamaps Dev :

general overview


Metamaps developing ( #SemanticTree , #DistributedDataEngine , ... )  : Eric and Art


Ceptr is a new distributed computing platform for semantic self-describing data and protocols.

Here you will find the API and technical documentation for the ceptr codebase.

Other documentation and background information can be found here:

Developer Wiki at: Ceptr Apocalypse at: (Unveiling the Technology)