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Or more exactly, how to more easily and more comfortablly share our wetware.


Hence various pages may come out of this,


Ergonomics for Wetware'ing

Taking into account comfort of our body when spending many hours hanging on to our desktop or laptops.

Desktop Wetware

Local DIY ergonomic furniture collaboration

3d printing a chair


Learn more at http://www.moma.org/elasticmind



Open Letter : "Standing up to kneel more sustainably!"

by Dante - click here for same post with links and bold typography

I'm asking for some shared project for staying alive.

Some potential shared project as to make it easier to continue interacting, and stay alive :

I spend a lot of time on the net, in my one room flat, sitting on a wooden chair.

I ve had this flat for one year, and having unconditional access to a wifi connection has been very useful.

It has kept me busy during boring times, cold times, lonely times, enabled me access to information, interaction, learning... while others seem to be at conditional paid work, or at all too often conditional school.


I notice the definition of "Wetware" on wikipedia :


It is easy, for me, to forget the rest of my body when being online.

Yet after one year, my otherwise healthy legs hurt, my hart sometimes does too, I can feel my fingers prickling, and some layers of fat seem to emerging on my otherwise rather slim body.

The pain as alarm reminds me that this position is not comfortable, not healthy, not sustainable.

I take my heavy laptop, try to change positions, sit on my mattress. Each of these positions, due to my intense focusing, ends up with a strain.

I then go out for a walk, being connected to the internet via my mobile phone, trying not to get run over by a car or walk into shit when replying to emails, hence the importance , for my survival, of walking in neighborhoods with pretty girls as to keep my attention span open to the outside reality.

More seriously, it helps me a lot to be in cosmopolitan cities where I can start to understand the time and space configuration of urban intelligence flows.

"Staying alive" by contributing to emergent intelligence.

In the way I define it, such flows are like a flow of ants, understanding where people with certain interests pass by and at what time, as to meet new people on the go, or meet previously met people by coincidence, exchange information about what may be going on, and more importantly, connect non-verbally, intuitively, feeling some other person is out there and may be able to understand or share a certain space of existence, shared presence, beyond mere information.

Then, eventually, find a way of combining needs, interests, resources, or potential resources, in a cocreative approach.

The internet bit of it fills up the unfortunate dead time, while also being important in preparing live time.

I see it part of a wider "economy", in a deconstructed framework, where the mind/wetware, after being detached from a social fabric from early on, needs to find ways to organize with other "entities" as to enable its host, the body, to survive, preferably, in a healthy way.

The mind ( or at least mine ), is apparently increasingly part of a online form of life.

Such "online life" seems to be an expression of "life activity" when feeling restricted in certain forms of "positive liberty".

Restrictions coming in part from artificial scarcity imposing conditional structures of activity, conditional structures of activity which themselves hoard a lot of people from non-conditional informal public interaction, limiting my access to creative emergence and shared life through access to interdependencies.

Reclaiming interdependencies is a central focus, and reclaiming "connections", at first through accessing people in their "transit time", becomes essential in my own social survival.


It took me many years to access certain kinds of "negative liberty" - being successful in marginalizing myself.

By attempting to access other people's public "transit time", I am experienced in connecting with new realities through using the public space to "inter-face".


Yet, I m still spending too much time on this little screen, and my bum hurts.

So what about getting together as to produce ourselves some ergonomic furniture ?


I imagine there are likely millions of people out there, including some potentially other-fortunate wage slaves.

Possibly there is space for a revolution in sustainability by merging products of the society of the spectacle, and opening it up as to create festivalism.


"Open Transit Time", and "Open Hurt Bums" as an alliance for a more sustainable couchpotato life !

Before this, I tried a neo-nomadic approach, as to continually access shared transit space while not being stuck in sedentary couchpotato lifestyle.

Yet this other extreme can also lead to even more "in between of in between nothingness" time.

See : http://sharewiki.org/en/Aimless_trajectory http://sharewiki.org/en/Beyond_Road_Burn_Out

I like to imagine that we could describe our whole reality and world, and create it together, not in some virtual second life, but by using a stigmergic information system to express them and choose the type of interdependencies we choose to engage ourselves in :



For the moment, After paying my flat and wifi connection, I have 200 euros monthly left for covering my other living costs. I am "very fortunate", by self-marginalized neo-capitalist poor people standards. More importantly, I am very fortunate to be ok looking, healthy, understanding several languages, being mobile, somewhat curious, and still somewhat young and energetic.

Yet, alone, little can be done.

By attempting to optimize the use of available online and offline space, outside of cpitalist conditionality, I hope to create emergent dynamics.

Being more autonomous in building our own chair may be a part of such revolution !

Lets stand together to sit better ! Lets find ways to be on our knees , together , and in movement !

such as with this kind of ergonomic design : http://www.varierfurniture.com/Virtual-chair

How can I use existing fablabs to print certain designs ? How do I start designing ? What wood processing workshops do I contact ?

Who is interested in creating ( post ) neo-nomadic living environments for hosting wetware ? And if possible, use it to create new contexts for public inter-face ?