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==Sharing around the [[World]]==
==Sharing around the [[World]]==
[[Europe]], [[Netherlands]], [[Amsterdam]], [[Sweden]], [[Belgium]], [[United Kingdom]]
'''[[Europe]]:''': [[Belgium]], [[Netherlands]] ([[Amsterdam]]), [[Germany]], [[Sweden]], [[United Kingdom]]
[[Asia]], [[Israel]], [[Jerusalem]], [[Tel Aviv]], [[Occupied Territories]], [[Japan]], [[China]], [[India]]
'''[[Asia]]:''' [[China]], [[India]], [[Israel]] ([[Jerusalem]], [[Tel Aviv]], [[Occupied Territories]]), [[Japan]]
[[North America]], [[South America]], [[Africa]], [[Australia]], [[New Zealand]]
'''[[North America]], [[South America]], [[Africa]], [[Australia]]:''' [[New Zealand]]

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Sharewiki is a wiki about Sharing. We started on November 6, 2008 and are already sharing 744 articles with the world.

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Sharing around the World

Europe:: Belgium, Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom

Asia: China, India, Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Occupied Territories), Japan

North America, South America, Africa, Australia: New Zealand