This is a deposit-based, *insuring*, PropertyLeft, Title+Ticket system:

Imagine we purchase land and tools to create
small-scale Villages which are then sovereign
governments in their own right.

Here's a sketch for a currency that is backed
by the Means of Production and Promises to Labor
from Workers or from guilds or unions of sorts.

The IOTA, the Intra-Owner Trade Agreement is backed by:

- Commitments of Sources: These is the physical assets
   needed to produce food and shelter for those Villagers.

- Commitments of Skills: These are the various kinds
   of goals that need to be accomplished within the Village.

The IOTA is invalid Unless both of those conditions are met.


The IOTA enforces the following constraints on Trade:

- Product is Investor's Return: The Product is not sold*,
   because each Villager already owns the exact** amount
   of Product from their ownership in Sources.
* Surplus can be sold to those who own insufficient Sources.
** Predictions are never exact, but we can 'hover' nearby.
  Most Villagers will 'overcommit' as Insurance against low
  production seasons.

- Profit is Payer Investment: When Surplus is sold to non-
   owners, the Profit must be treated as an Investment from
   that Payer - so that latecomers gain as much control as
   they are willing to Pay, and ultimately Work for.